Why did GlobalJobs expand to all professionals?

Question 1: What is BPO?   (BPO)

Answer 1:   Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the acquiring of a executive business process, which is be given to the third party agengcies for the cost saving and reduce the work pressure.

Question 2:  Why we choose the Global Jobs and Services for our operations?   (BPO)

Answer 2:    Global Jobs and Services is India base consultancy which does work with the ethics, our 24*7 connectivity, time to time work updates, timely and quality work, reasonable charges and transparent terms have always been attracting to our clients.

Question 3:  As a Employer Why should we beleive on the Global Jobs and Services?   (HR) 

Answer 3:     Global Jobs and Services is a ginuine consultancy, which do work by own sources, we do not use the portals so that you can found the good and sincere candidates from us, whose can do the good job for you. 

Question 4: As a Job Seeker Why should we beleive on the Global Jobs and Services?   (HR)

Answer 4:    Global Jobs and Services help the job seekers every time for their good career, we try to make easy your every step ot job search without any consultancy charges.

Question 5: As a Job Seeker How can we connect with Global Jobs and Services?  (HR)

Answer 5:    As a Job seeker You can make a profile on our website Global Jobs & Services, and after registration you will attach with us directly, and you will be started to receive the vacancies by our clients, all these registration process is abolutely free for the Job seeker.

Question 6: What is the use of chat services?  (For all user)

Answer 6:    We have provided the chat service for the help of our users, every client, every job seeker and every employer can talk with us directly and can finish their all queries. 

Question 7: As per employer what can you help us?   (HR)

Answer 7:    We can provide you, your all HR needs according to your company requirements and also Pay roll, training of the candidate etc.etc... 

Question 8: As a Job Seeker how can you help me?   (HR)

Answer 8:    When you will register on our website then according to your expertise you will be started to receive the vacancies by the employers and after communication we will arrange the interview schedule for you, and if you will like we will give you the training of the important task, which the employer provided us so that you could give a good interview according to company need.

                     We will give you the employer feedback according to your performance so that you can do the job with more efficiency and sincerity and many more free services.