Do not use the Job portals for a batter Results. 

We are from Global Jobs and Services and have been supplying human resources to the IT sector for the last 8 years. Initially, when we were new to this market, we found it very easy to supply human resources. We used to hire commercial portals and increase our data and fulfill the requirements of the company through that data, but we notice that when we were working on the portals, we had enough recruitments in a very short time. It was a pleasure for us that in such a short time we were getting great results. But soon most of our prospects left our clients without any information and they went to another company for a little hike. We also had to face the resentment of our clients. We understood that if we want better results then we will have to change the way of work, and by learning from our defeat we stopped working on the data of the portal and gradually started developing our own marketing tools. In this work, we had to work hard but we started getting good results. We understood that if there is a better achieve then choose the better path and today we recommend to our candidates that they do not upload their CV on portals, they should provide their CV directly to good consultancies or companies, they will get better results because someone Even good consultancy or company does not sell your data, Global Jobs and Services is one of the leading IT consultancies that provide complete security to your information. And using it right helps you to get a great job. 

Today we see that most companies are dependent on commercial portals to meet their HR related requirements. We can say with full confidence that you will not get great results from this, if you adhere to our advice then adopt some other means to fulfill your requirements, otherwise we can help you with this work, just give us a call on + 91-9782197464, we will tell you how we can help you better and Hopefully you will get better support from us. 

There was a time when jobs were very low and people were too much but today jobs are too much but people with great skills have become hard to find and these job portals have a huge hand in reducing skills of prospects. It is not easy to get good human resources today, it has to work harder. Today there is a lot of IT jobs in Jaipur. There are many IT jobs in Bangalore Today there are many IT jobs in Puna, there are many IT jobs in Gurgaon. There are many IT jobs in Noida but it is not easy to fill those jobs. Because the prospects have plenty of options due to portals and Even after joining a company by them, portal-based companies remain in touch with them and keep trying to break them. So that they can fill their positions. But such companies themselves do not know how much they are losing their company because these boys stay in touch with other employees of their previous companies when they go to another company, They try to get the colleague of the previous company also with them in the new company. Therefore, we recommend that you try to work with a consultancy that does not work on the portal and use their own sources and it will be more beneficial for your company. Companies should advise their employees not to share their profiles on portals and if their profiles are already on portals, then deactivate their profile on portals.


Give us more and more references, This will be very helpful for you also a great career. 

Being an IT consultant, we have to talk to many IT professionals today and we love seeing their dedication and sincerity towards the employers. We always try to get more references from the prospect we talk to. But most of us see that when we ask them for references, most of them do not understand us. Most of these prospects have the answer that I will ask by asking or if there is someone, then I will tell you or I do not know anyone, this kind of attitude is not good. They should share more and more references to us because when the candidates join a company, we also increase the network of those people who gave us the references. He realizes that the company in which his friend is joining us, what is the company, he is getting a salary in time, working environment, work quality etc.etc.., he gets accurate information. By which they can easily trust the company. That prospect can give the right information about that company. Therefore, they should continue to share more and more references, keeping them updated. As a leading IT consultant, we completely safeguard the references provided by the candidates and do not misuse them in any way but Rather try to give them the correct information about jobs and companies. And we have to place them in the right place. A good consultant always tries to make placement of the prospects in the right place. As a Leading IT consultant, we always work with the right companies. Because any consultancy will not spoil their business by working with the wrong companies. they will always work with the right companies. Today we have many IT jobs in Puna, many IT jobs in Gurgaon, many IT jobs in Hyderabad, many IT jobs in Jaipur, many IT jobs in Bangalore, and we have a lot of IT jobs are all over in India For whom we work hard day and night and keep looking for great human resources from the best. Today there are many experienced candidates who are constantly looking for job opportunities to learn something new, but due to hesitation they can not find the job and they keep thinking that they will call an IT company. But this is very rare. Therefore, always thinking of giving us as much references as possible, perhaps by your reference a prospect can get a good opportunity. As a leading IT consultant, we never say that who gave us the reference of that candidate. Because being an IT consultant, we always seem to be anonymous to talk to any candidate because we never ask them to ask those small things, which has provided us with reference. Rather, we want the prospect to consider what a better option is for him. So, friends, we recommend that you help your friends as much as possible and without pre-judge who will join and who will not join, tell us more and more references. This will also help you understand which IT company in Jaipur, which IT company in Poona, which IT company in Bangalore, which is in IT Compay in Hyderabad, which IT Company in Gurgaon, which IT Company in Noida and which IT Company India Better in where a good career can be made. In this way, the more you give us references, the more you will be able to help yourself and other prospects. We are totally free for every prospect. So there should be no hesitation in talking to us. And We should consider ourselves as a trusted friend. You can join us through any company, you will get a good experience, so please share more and more references. So that you can help more and more prospects. Global Jobs and Services (GJAS) is always standing for your help. Just move one step towards us, a great career will always be ready for you. 

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Should not be unethical salary Demand by the IT profession it can be harmful to their career. 
Today, we see many such prospects who are demanding a lot of salary according to their skills. And sometimes we can not even convince them that their demand is wrong because any employer offers any prospect to pay according to his skills. We have mostly seen that such IT professionals cannot perform according to their salary, and going forward, they are shown out of the way by the company And after going out, they start giving the negative views of companies , They should think that deficiency is in them, Therefore, wherever they will go with unethical demand they are more likely to fail because startups, service-based and product based companies can mostly fulfill their high salary expectations.
Startup companies have work but they do not get IT professionals in easy way, so they give them their expected salary offer. They hire them easily but the startups often the shortage of projects, in that case, either they terminate these people or they do not receive the salary on time or their salary is reduced. And they either leave the job Or work on lower salary. 
Apart from the startups, these people are able to give more salary package from Service base or product base companies than their skills Because their products and services are continuously sold, they have a great source of income, but Most of these people are not able to learn more with the product and service-based companies. Because most of them have to do the same work every day. And many times it seems very boring, By repeatedly doing the same work daily, their skills gradually decrease, and such people take a good salary package once, but we have mostly seen that these people can not take a good increment and Due to lack of skills, they are not easily able to get jobs in the new place and by being tired, these people are forced to work in the same company. 
Therefore, we recommend that you should always work in project base companies to learn new because working on the whole project will increase your knowledge and you always learn something new. Today many IT jobs in Bangalore, IT jobs in Hyderabad, IT jobs in Pune, IT Jobs in Noida, IT Jobs in Gurgaon, IT jobs in Jaipur, IT jobs are in whole of India but there are very few people with skills according to those jobs, so do not greed for salary, you should  continue to grow more and more skills, if you have the skills, then the salary will always follow you.